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Hi! My name is Richard Hartley. An ex boring accountant now mountaineer & adventurer, living & working full time in Spain's Sierra Nevada. Cicerone Guidebook author. Expeditions to Patagonia & Kamchatka. Dog lover. Bit of a Grumpy Old Man!


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  • Sierra Nevada Guidebook

    This Cicerone Press guidebook covers the most popular and interesting walks and multi-day treks in Spain's Sierra Nevada mountain range. Mainland Spain's highest summit Mulhacén is included in the 38 routes along with the white villages of Trevélez, Lanjarón and Capileira and high mountain ridge traverses, scrambles and the Spanish Three Peaks challenge.

  • Ypres mud

    I have kept sane during the enforced Covid19 lock down by getting involved in projects that normally I wouldn't have time to complete. One such project is researching my grandfathers role in World War One. Below is a summary of my research including battle maps. Also have a WarWiki set up full of information about my two grandfathers.

  • Mountain Kamchatka summit

    Lots of interesting mountain image galleries collected over the years

  • Somewhere south of Granada

    A daily micro/photo blog about our life here in southern Spain

Somewhere South of Granada



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I am interested in new forms of social media such as Federated (#fediverse) open source software. Less reliance of BigTech to control and manipulate us. Has to be the future way of social interaction. Stop them selling our data!

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