The Solar Installation

The Solar Installation

In response to the Electricity Companies doubling their prices we have gone solar. Sod em!

After recommendations from my good friend Pepe Badaje, we bought a 8 panel system from AutoSolar. Cost at the time we bought it was €5600 and we added another €1000 in building the structure to support the panels on the roof terrace.

Have to say, apart from an afternoon where we arrived back from a walk and turned on the immersion heater, stove, oven and god knows what else (our ignorance!) we haven't had to use the backup electricity supply at all.

We also have a nice shaded area on the roof terrace which not only provides a pleasant place to sit but also provides shade for our bedroom which has become noticeably cooler. Good news for the coming summer.

Thanks to Pepe for the idea and installation. Friends like him are worth their weight in gold! Read his interesting blog about Solar, Walking Around Lanjaron and Local Photos etc

  • Garantía de la Batería: 2 años
  • Número de Paneles Solares del Kit Solar: 8
  • Potencia de los Paneles Solares: 400W
  • Amperios del Regulador de Carga: 80A
  • Voltaje de Trabajo de la Batería: 48V
  • Voltaje de Trabajo del Inversor: 48V
  • Punta de Arranque Máxima Admitida por el Inversor: 8000W
  • Garantía del Inversor del Kit Solar: 2 años
  • Potencia Generada al día: 14000Wh al dia de media anual
  • Voltaje del Kit Solar: 48V
  • Marca del Panel Solar del Kit Solar: JA Solar
  • Marca del Regulador de Carga: Voltronic
  • Tipo de Batería: Plomo ÁcidoTipo de Batería
  • Marca del Inversor del Kit Solar: Voltronic
  • Potencia Máxima del Inversor: 5000W
  • Garantía de Paneles Solares: 25 años
  • Garantía Regulador de Carga del Kit Solar: 2 años
  • Capacidad de la Batería: 600Ah
  • Energía Útil Almacenada: 14400Wh

Kit Solar Vivienda Aislada 5000W 48V 14000Whdia | al Mejor Precio
Kit Solar Vivienda Aislada 5000W 48V 14000Whdia. Comprar Kit Solar Vivienda Aislada 5000W 48V 14000Whdia al Mejor Precio. Venta de Kit Solar Vivienda Aislada 5000W 48V 14000Whdia